A brief report of ISDCI 2012


In general

The Congress was held at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel, Fukuoka, Japan from July 9th to 13th 2012. About 260 delegates from 21 countries attended the meeting, together giving 251 presentation (136 talks and 115 posters) in 15 sessions, including a special symposium on comparative biology organized by Japanese Association for Developmental and Comparative Immunology.

Plenary lectures

It was our greatest pleasure to have five inspiring plenary lectures in a wide range of topics on developmental and comparative immunology:

  1. -Professor Shoichiro Kurata (Tohoku University, Japan)  "New Toll gate for humoral and cellular immune response in Drosophila"

  2. -Dr. Zeev Pancer (University of Maryland, USA) "Lamprey variable lymphocyte receptors: from discovery to biomedical applications"

  3. -Dr. Claudia Kemper (King's College London, UK) "A novel complement and Notch system crosstalk is required for normal Th1 immunity in human"

  4. -Professor Arturo Zychlinsky (Max Plank Institute for Infection Biology, Germany) "NET's – from infection to autoimmunity"

  5. -Professor Thomas Boehm (Max Plank Institute of Immunobiology & Epigenetics, Germany) "Thymopoietic tissues in vertebrates: Phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects"

Student award

The standard of student presentations was very high and the following students received prizes sponsored by Elsevier or honourable mentions. Congratulations to all recipients!

Best Talk Award (Nominated and judged by chairpersons of the oral sessions)

  1. -First Prize: Takahiro Nagasawa (Kyushu University, Japan)

  2. -Second Prize: Tomáš Korytář (Friedrich-Loeffler Institute, Germany)

  3. -Third Prize: James D. Pask (Vanderbilt University, USA)

  4. -Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order of the family name): Christopher J. Coates (University of Stirling, UK), Herman D. Cortes (University of Alberta, Canada), Inge R. Fink (Wageningen University, The Netherlands), Whitney M. Gammill (Vanderbilt University, USA), Laura F. Grice (University of Queensland, Australia), Cheng-Man Lun (The George Washington University, USA), Chadanat Noonin (Uppsala University, Sweden), Brendon D. Parsons (University of Alberta, Canada), Phuc Hoang Pham (University of Waterloo, Canada), Mei-An Su (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan), Keisuke Tagawa (Kyushu University, Japan), Takuya Yamaguchi (Nihon University, Japan)

Best Poster Award (Scored and judged by an ad hoc committee)

  1. -First Prize: Mari Inada (Miyazaki University, Japan)

  2. -Second Prize: Yi-Jhen Lee (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan)

  3. -Third Prize: Chadanat Noonin (Uppsala University, Sweden)

  4. -Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order of the family name): Sheryll G. Hipolito (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan), Huai-Ting Huang (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan), Yumi Ikazaki (Japan Women's University, Japan), Lauren S.Sherman (The George Washington University, USA), Apiruck Watthanasurorot (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Business meetings

Editorial Advisory Board meeting, chaired by Kenneth Söderhäll, was held Monday evening to discuss matters related to DCI journal, in an aim of improving citations and impact factor of DCI, an official journal of ISDCI.

ISDCI Exective meeting was held in Thursday evening at Nishijin Plaza, a Kyushu University satellite office near Sea Hawk Hotel, to discuss a number of issues including membership, finance, VP’s activities, and next congress place. Unfortunately, the executives did not reach a conclusion on the next congress place, partly due to a limited information on the candidates, and decided to continue discussion for a couple of month more. Conclusion will be announced through E-board and ISDCI homepage as soon as decided.

A number of delegates got together for ISDCI General meeting, held in Friday evening, after the general scientific sessions. The detailed information of the meeting will be circulated later though E-board. There were active discussion especially on improvement of communication among members. Use of facebook and other internet resources was suggested by young members to facilitate members’ interactions.

Just after the general meeting, an ad hoc committee members and majority of the oral session chairpersons had meetings to nominate and pick up Poster and Oral Awards for student presenters.

Social events

Monday evening, delegates were welcomed to the congress by a small reception with drinks and snacks in Tinga Tinga room. A string quartet from Kyushu University Philharmonic Orchestra dedicated a couple of pieces of welcome music.

Friday evening, the congress closing banquet was held in Sea Hawk Hotel. The banquet was  started by a Japanese-style opening of a Sake barrel (Kagamiwari ceremony), and delegates enjoyed the Sake from the barrel using a special cup, wooden Masu. (I’m sorry for that the Sake was not enough to fulfill the demand of all the delegates.) After main dish, a fine combination of Japanese and western specialities, a Japanese drumming (Wadaiko or Taiko) team gave a big excitement to delegates. At the last piece of drumming music, a number of delegates got a chance to play the Taiko. This was followed by an award-giving ceremony and speech of the President, Val Smith. Finally, a formal handover of the Presidential chain was proceeded from Val Smith to Miki Nakao. The banquet was ended by a closing acknowledgement remark by Miki Nakao.


Report from the congress chair